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Most flexible girl in the world Amazing Zlata - Video

Today we will meet with a Most flexible girl in the world. Her name is Zlata. Meet 27-year-old Zlata, the 5'8" blonde sensation from Russia, who can bend into the absolute most mind boggling postures believable effortlessly.

The last time when you saw somebody being contorted into peculiar shapes would have been in some cartoon film or in the movie The Incredibles as Elastigirl. Be that as it may, here is one lady, all of 27-year-old who can twist into probably the most mind boggling postures comprehensible easily.

Most flexible girl in the world Amazing Zlata

Meet Zlata, the 5'8" blonde stunner from Russia, who has been named the world's bendiest lady alive.

Zlata has been twisting herself into inconceivable stances since she was 4 and is presently going to star in a show at the forthcoming International Contortion Convention in Cologne, Germany.

Amazing Zlata

A former gymnast, Zlata's contortioning profession started when she joined an after school circus class.

Such is her flexibility that she can without much of a stretch fit into a 50cm square box. She has broken various records with her versatility and flexibility.

She has an enormous fan chasing after the world. To such an extent that she has mystery admirers who send her moisturizers for her feet and other grouped things, for example, shoes and clothes.

Watch this video of Most flexible girl in the world Zlata

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