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BPL 2016 Match Schedule | BPL 4 Match Fixture 2016 (PDF)

BPL 2016 match schedule. BPL T20 schedule. BPL 4 match fixture. Bangladesh Premier League 2016 match schedule, fixture and time table. BRB BPL T20 will start on 4th November by the Depending champion Comilla Victorians vs new franchise Rajshahi Kings. BRB BPL T20 grand final will be held on 9th December 2016. Details BPL 2016 schedule download as PDF file. As you know Bangladesh Premier League 2016 will play among seven team. Two new teams add and one has terminated. Everyday will play two matches. First match will start at 02:30 PM and 2nd match will play at 07:30 PM.

BPL 2016 Match Schedule

BPL 2016 Match Schedule | BPL 4 Match Fixture 2016 (PDF)
You can download the BPL 2016 match schedule, BPL 4 match fixture as PDF file or Excel format. We will given bellow all the format of BPL 2016 match schedule. Whatever you want, you have to save or download. BPL T20 latest schedule as picture and image. Also you have to download PDF.

BPL T20 total seven franchise are : Comilla Victorians, Barisal Bulls, Dhaka Dynamites, Chittagong Vikings, Rangpur Riders, Khulna Titans and Rajshahi Kings. As per BPL 2016 match schedule, there will be double robin round match. Each team will play two matches each other. All the matches will be played in two venue. Although before BPL governing council said, it will minimum four venue. But due to security reason BCB (Bangladesh Cricket Board) has decided the full tournament will play at two ground. Those are Shere Bangla National Cricket Stadium, Mirpur, Dhaka and Zahur Ahmed Stadium, Chittagong.

Eliminator match will be held on 6 December at 2.30 am, on that particular day, first qualifier match is also featured to play. The second qualifier match will be held one day later on 7 December at 7.00 pm. And finally, the grand final match is featured to play on 9 December. This time reserve day is also featured for the final match of BPL season-4.

BPL 2016 Schedule as Image and PDF  ** New Update Schedule **

BPL T20 Match Schedule for Mirpur, Dhaka Venue
BPL 2016 Match Schedule

Playoff of match and grand final match will be played in Mirpur, Dhaka. You have to see here all the match predictions, preview and live score as well. Bellow you have to see the BPL 2016 full match
schedule. BPL 4 schedule / fixture and time table.
DateTime Match VenuePredictionsResult
4/11/20162:30 PMComilla Victorians vs Rajshahi KingsDhakaPredictions
4/11/20167:00 PMRangpur Riders vs Khulna TitansDhakaPredictions
5/11/20162:30 PMChittagong Vikings vs Barisal BullsDhakaPredictions
5/11/20167:00 PMComilla Victorians vs Dhaka DynamitesDhakaPredictions
6/11/20162:30 PMRangpur Riders vs Rajshahi KingsDhakaPredictions
6/11/20167:00 PMBarisal Bulls vs Khulna TitansDhakaPredictions
8/11/20162:30 PMChittagong Vikings vs Comilla VictoriansDhakaPredictions Chittagong
8/11/20167:00 PMDhaka Dynamites vs Barisal BullsDhakaPredictions Dhaka
9/11/20162:00 PMKhulna Titans vs Rajshahi KingsDhakaPredictions Khulna
9/11/20167:00 PMRangpur Riders vs Chittagong VikingsDhakaPredictions Rangpur
10/11/20167:15 PMRangpur Riders vs Khulna TitansDhakaPredictions Rangpur
11/11/20162:30 PMComilla Victorians vs Barisal BullsDhakaPredictions Barisal
11/11/20167:00 PMDhaka Dynamites vs Rajshahi KingsDhakaPredictions Rajshahi
12/11/20162:00 PMKhulna Titans vs Chittagong VikingsDhakaPredictions Khulna
12/11/20167:00 PMRangpur Riders vs Dhaka DynamitesDhakaPredictions Dhaka
13/11/20162:00 PMBarisal Bulls vs Rajshahi KingsDhakaPredictions Barisal
13/11/20167:00 PMComilla Victorians vs Khulna TitansDhakaPredictions Khulna
14/11/20162:-0 PMBarisal Bulls vs Chittagong VikingsDhakaPredictions Barisal
14/11/20167:00 PMComilla Victorians vs Dhaka DynamitesDhakaPredictions Dhaka
17/11/20161:00 PMChittagong Vikings vs Dhaka DynamitesChittagongPredictions Dhaka
17/11/20165:45 PMBarisal Bulls vs Rangpur RidersChittagongPredictions Rangpur
18/11/20161:30 PMChittagong Vikings vs Rajshahi KingsChittagongPredictions Chittagong
18/11/20166:45 PMComilla Victorians vs Rangpur RidersChittagongPredictions Rangpur
19/11/20161:00 PMDhaka Dynamites vs Khulna TitansChittagongPredictions Khulna
19/11/20165:45 PMComilla Victorians vs Rajshahi KingsChittagongPredictions Comilla
20/11/20165:45 PMBarisal Bulls vs Khulna TitansChittagongPredictions
21/11/20161:00 PMDhaka Dynamites vs Rajshahi KingsChittagongPredictions
21/11/20165:45 PMComilla Victorians vs Chittagong VikingsChittagongPredictions
22/11/20161:00 PMKhulna Titans vs Rangpur RidersChittagongPredictions
22/11/20165:45 PMComilla Victorians vs Rajshahi KingsChittagongPredictions
25/11/20162:30 PMRangpur Riders vs Rajshahi KingsDhakaPredictions
25/11/20167:00 PMBarisal Bulls vs Khulna TitansDhakaPredictions
26/11/20162:30 PMComilla Victorians vs Dhaka DynamitesDhakaPredictions
26/11/20167:00 PMKhulna Titans vs Rajshahi KingsDhakaPredictions
27/11/20162:30 PMBarisal Bulls vs Dhaka DynamitesDhakaPredictions
27/11/20167:00 PMRangpur Riders vs Chittagong VikingsDhakaPredictions
29/11/20162:30 PMComilla Victorians vs Barisal BullsDhakaPredictions
29/11/20167:00 PMKhulna Titans vs Chittagong VikingsDhakaPredictions
30/11/20162:30 PMRangpur Riders vs Dhaka DynamitesDhakaPredictions
30/11/20167:00 PMBarisal Bulls vs Rajshahi KingsDhakaPredictions
2/12/20162:30 PMRangpur Riders vs Barisal BullsDhakaPredictions
2/12/20167:00 PMDhaka Dynamites vs Chittagong VikingsDhakaPredictions
3/12/20162:30 PMComilla Victorians vs Khulna TitansDhakaPredictions
3/12/20167:00 PMRajshahi Kings vs Chittagong VikingsDhakaPredictions
4/12/20162:30 PMComilla Victorians vs Rangpur RidersDhakaPredictions
4/12/20167:00 PMDhaka Dynamites vs Khulna TitansDhakaPredictions
6/12/20162:30 PM1st Qualifier (1st Position vs 2nd Position)DhakaPredictions
6/12/20167:00 PMEliminator (3rd vs 4th position)DhakaPredictions
7/12/20167:00 PM2nd qualifier (1st qualifier loser v eliminator winner)DhakaPredictions
9/12/20166:30 PMBPL 4 Grand Final Match 2016 DhakaPredictions

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